Death and Divorce

A divorce or the death of a loved one can be physically and emotionally draining. During this challenging life stage, we can help you make good decisions by assisting you with setting new financial goals for yourself. We can help you prioritize the steps, get the paperwork process started, and do the follow up to make sure your requests happen according to your wishes specified in your legal documents. 
Divorce – Starting over is never easy but we can help you focus on rebuilding your net worth, updating your beneficiaries, understanding what you own, and customizing your new accounts to your specifications. And, yes sometimes you’ll need a hug and a listening ear. We’re honored to provide both. When a lengthy divorce is finished and you bring the QDRO and divorce decree to us, our work is just beginning and we can give you some relief as you self-care and take care of other matters.      
Death – Perhaps you’ve made all the financial decisions in your family or been along for the ride for many years, either way, when your spouse passes away, you may feel lost and alone. We can help you navigate the ownership changes on investments, help you make the deceased’s accounts your own, update your beneficiaries, and the investment portfolio itself to fit your risk tolerance and preferences. We’ve helped an 84 year old widow learn how to write her first check to pay her first utility bill after her husband died suddenly. It’s okay. No judgement here! You’re smarter and stronger than you think. If there’s something you need, that we don’t offer, we’ll refer you to our trusted professional network and even make the introduction. It’s our pleasure!